Menu Encoding

I spent the last couple days encoding the menu  for Paley’s Place in Portland, Oregon.  While not totally briefed on the situations, I’m assuming the Wine Agent will be making an appearance in Portland soon, which is very exciting.

The general process was to identify the item, describe it using the ontology, try to find a picture, repeat.  Most entries looked a little something like this:

<food:Dessert rdf:ID=”FromageBlancCheesecake”>
<rdfs:label xml:lang=”en”>Fromage Blanc Cheesecake</rdfs:label>
<food:contains rdf:resource=”&food;Cake”/>
<food:contains rdf:resource=”&food;Cheese”/>
<food:contains rdf:resource=”&food;Fruit”/>
<rdfs:comment>graham cookie, fruit salade, sunflower honey</rdfs:comment>
<foaf:depiction rdf:resource=”cheese-cake.jpg”/>


While encoding the menu into RDF wasn’t particularly difficult or exciting, the opportunity was an excellent chance to brush up on the Food and Wine ontologies.

But what I found most interesting was how little I know about fine dining.  I had to Google almost everything on the menu  (I’m pretty sure there are no bunnies in rabbit ravioli).  I also didn’t recognize any of their 16 different cheeses from three different animals (I had no idea they made cheese (or anything) from sheep milk).  Fine dining is so far beyond my world of college cuisine, so I find this fancy food fascinating (yet mostly unappetizing).

Oh, and here’s an image to coax John into reading my blog post:

Fromage Blanc Cheesecake



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