Bluetooth Update

So recently I discovered an issue with Android Bluetooth.  Android runs on many different phones from many different manufacturers and it’s up to the manufacturer to maintain the firmware for their hardware.  Not all phones have Bluetooth, which is fine since it is easy to detect if the phone is capable of Bluetooth communication.  The issue arises when the phone has a Bluetooth chip but the Bluetooth drivers are incomplete and do not implement all Bluetooth 2.0 features like in the HTC Desire.  For these phones, the unfinished Bluetooth implementations is satisfactory for communicating with a Bluetooth headset but not communicating over an RFCOMM channel with other devices.

Evan was able to direct me today to the custom firmware project CyanogenMod.  The firmware was very easy to install thanks to the program unrevoked.  CyanogenMod fixed the communication issue because the Bluetooth drivers are much better.

Now that the Nexus One and the HTC Desire can communicate via Bluetooth, I can begin testing and rewriting the Bluetooth communications for the remote reasoner.


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